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Everything You Need to Know About Gorilla Glue Marijuana Strain

For the most part, learning about gorilla glue strain will take you to different web pages about the Original Glue or Gorilla Glue #4. If this has happened to you, you might be wondering why the strain has a lot of names. The growers who started growing this marijuana strain picked up the wrong name and was sued by the popular glue company. Having lost the lawsuit, the growers were left with no other choice but to change the name that they have originally used for the strain. From gorilla glue marijuana strain, the growers decided to change it to GG4. Having been around since 2013, this strain is a hybrid with a heavy marijuana-dominant strain presence. If you want to read more about this strain, you can get fast facts about the gorilla glue marijuana strain from this site.

In terms of appearance, gorilla glue is a medium-density bud with orange and green hairs that are dense and spongy to touch. The bud is completely covered by an abundant supply of trichomes. When you cut these trichomes, your scissors will be filled with a sticky residue that is very hard to get off. This was one of the reasons why growers have called the plant gorilla glue. For those who are going to be growing this particular marijuana strain, you have to prepare a good number of scissors with you.

Gorilla glue is becoming an essential element for all dispensaries near you because of its short growing time which is more or less 9 weeks. With their ease of growth, you can rest assured to be getting quality products each time as a consumer.

Just taking a smell of this gorilla glue will leave you with a long-lasting imprint on your nose. At first smell, you will get a sweet lemon pine smell that is then followed by a heavy and pungent skunk smell. If you smell GG4 and compare it to certain scents, you get both sour and earthy as your words of description.

Though the aroma is something that you do not easily forget, the taste is just very basic. Flavors can range from tart chocolate to coffee with a full-bodied smoke. Gorilla glue is very popular because of the many notes and flavors that it comes with.

You can expect to get the Sativa and Indica qualities in gorilla glue because of it being a hybrid strain. You get the best of both worlds with the gorilla glue strain. You can experience both gentle relaxation and head high sensation effects with gorilla glue. You get to experience calmness, peace, and euphoria with gorilla glue. The effects depend on the dosage that you use. This gives you the feeling of relaxation to the point of being in a semi-couch-like state. Both recreational users and seasoned professionals alike can take advantage of this strain.

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