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A Guys’ Guide to Sporting the Preppy Attire

Talking of dress styles that has certainly proved to be surviving the test of time, one that seems to be never going away is the preppy style. Looking at this fact, it is a fact that quite a number of the male folk out there are looking forward to sporting the preppy attire or fashion of dressing but don’t quite have an idea how to get it done in style and class. Generally, preppy is generally a classical look and dress code that is designed to make a statement of a kind as a man and as such for you to have it done right, you need to know of how to get this achieved with as much simplicity. Check the following out for the guide to help you get that ideal preppy look.

Talking of the essential accessories that will define a preppy wardrobe, these would include such items as the navy blazers, chinos, the oxford button-down shirts, smart crewneck sweaters and the like accessories. From the name it has, preppy, and the accessories so far seen that seem to be defining a preppy wardrobe, it can readily be seen that the preppy trend is one that was largely popular with the prep students of the years of the past. But this be as it is, the preppy trend has gone beyond the confines of the college campuses and has been transformed into one of the trends by some of the big name fashion design outlets.

Generally, in the late 60s and early 70s, the preppy trend generally lost its appeal with a number but towards the 80s, it was again brought back and designers got into it, promoted it as much and to this date, preppy trend has become the go to trend for many to this day with several designers coming in to get its lovers their preppy accessories. Here now is your guide to sporting that preppy look and trend with class and in style.

Talking of a guide to preppy trends, the first thing that we will look at is the choice of the preppy shirts. The classic is the Brooks Brothers button-down all-cotton oxford shirt and the most popular color is pink. Though for the need to allow for variety and accommodate tastes, the following colors and options are as well admissible for the preppy look-the blue colors, white and yellow and as well have a couple of some polo shirts to allow for as much variety in your options. See here for more on some of these preppy shirt options to add to your preppy collections, the polo shirts, the seersucker and the oxford shirts here.

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